Who we are?

ProjectConvivencia Project Convivencia is a project concept originating with the collaboration of work by two individuals working in completely separate fields, one in Islamic/European history and travel, specifically Spain, Tariq Mahmood and the other a renowned visual artist and activist using graffiti art as his medium, Mohammed Ali.

Both have worked extensively in community based youth projects at grass roots level. The decision to fuse the work of the two groups came from a need to address a number of very difficult and sensitive issues confronting our society today:

1. Community Cohesion
2. Preventing Violent Extremism
3. Developing role models and Ambassadors
4. Identity
5. The need for young people to be able to not only be involved but to be at the forefront of Intercultural dialogue and projects representing the U.K.

Mohammed Ali is an acclaimed visual artist with an international profile. He has ali<>extensive experience of working with young people both in the UK and across the globe. Mohammed is renowned for his unique style of combining urban-graffiti art with Arabic script. He has been featured in international media for his unique murals which he has painted alongside young people.

He also has a background in the games and animation industry and has led film, digital photography and multimedia projects working with youth groups, art galleries and educational establishments. Mohammed’s work is appreciated by youth centres, schools and colleges, from around the world who are interested by his unique approach of engaging youth.

Some of the partners that have worked with Mohammed are, Princes Trust, Arts Council England, British Council, Sony Europe, HSBC, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Small Heath School and Washwood Heath School amongst many others.

Mohammed has served as a role model for young people who have been inspired by his work to get involved in the arts. He has and served as a mentor for many young emerging artists.

Mohammed will be managing all elements of art and media, and will work with the young people towards gaining their Arts Award Accreditation.

Tariq Mahmood is an experienced educationalist with extensive experience of working with youth services and youth inclusion projects, various organisations and faith groups. Tariq has led a tariq number of international trips to Spain where he has delivered workshops on art, culture and heritage and mentored disaffected young people to explore themes of identity and community engagement. Over the years he has run many workshops and lectured extensively to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Tariq has organised projects in the past for Muslim Youth Work Foundation, Amaana Centre, The Arc Project, Clifton Rd Mosque, Birmingham City Council, Concorde Youth Project amongst others.


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